3 common (weird) things both in Silicon Valley and in Madagascar

Did you think that Silicon Valley is a paradise? Absolutely no! Here is 3 commons weird things seen both in Silicon Valley and in Madagascar.

Instant reaction when hearing about Silicon Valley drive us to think about advanced technologies, dream city, … However, this region in California has commons things with poor countries, like Madagascar and many other poor african countries.

Note : I took Madagascar in the comparison because I live in Madagascar, so I know what really happens in this poor country. References about Silicon Valley was found in Quora :


Potholes is very common in Madagascar as there is not enough road maintenance operations. But what do you think if it is also well known in the most technologic region in the world? Yes, in Silicon Valley, there are also potholes, regardless of how many multi-billionaire are residing in this region.

Homeless people

I heard many times in TV and radio that the lack of job is the main issue why peoples become homeless. However, I don’t think that this rules apply for jobs in Silicon Valley. In despite of having a lot of companies (which should generate a lot of jobs), Silicon Valley still host a lot of homeless people: Tenderloin is their “La Réunion Kely”.

Interns can’t afford their place

In Silicon Valley too, interns live with friends, parents, … by flatsharing. It is also very common for interns in Madagascar, especially at Antananarivo, where interns and students do flatsharing (by the way, would you think that creating flatsharing app will work in Antananarivo?).

Anyway, everyone in Silicon Valley pay more than 50% of his monthly income for rent, and in Madagascar much more.

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